Below is the lowest score that I have ever shot.  Even though it my lowest score ever, I would not say it was my best round ever.

It was in league play and we were playing the ball as it lies, and putting everything out.        What makes it so unusual was  that after my first 7 holes,  I was 9 under par.


I started on the 18th hole with a birdie and then holed a wedge on #1 from approx 90 yards.  Birdied #2, and then on #3, I holed another wedge from 105 yard.  I followed that with birdies on #s 4, 5, and 6.   I had 2 bogies otherwise, I would have only needed a birdie on my final hole #17 for a 59.  The round may have been aided with some Coors Light. 

Also, I was 60 yrs old at the time.  

1984 Des Moines City Am

1970 Tour Qualifying

1970 U.S. Open

1981 Iowa Match Play

       1967               West Liberty  Am

1969 Pro - Asst Championship

1967 CR Gazette City Amateur

1965 Western Junior Qualifying

1981 Iowa Match Play

1964 Boros Bayer Exhibition Qualifier

      1967             CR   Amateur

1971 Mexican Open

1969 Shriner's Pro - Am

1968 US Open Qualifier

1967 Guttenburg Open

1970 Illinois Open

1966 Tournaments

1964 Boros Bayer Exhibition

1969 Sportsman Pro - Pro

One day while cleaning my office, I came across my old scrapbook.  I was tempted to throw it out, but, before doing that, I

scanned the old newspaper clippings  The best way to view these is to view them as pdf files.  This allows you to zoom in and out. 

1965 Mason City Early Bird

1970 U.S . Open Remembered

1969  Asst Championship

1970 U.S. Open Sect Qualifier

1965 National Public Links Championship

1982 Des Moines City Am

1966 Reinbeck Best Shot

1967 Tama  Am

1984 Hyduk Open

  Video of the highlights

in my scrapbook

1970 Illinois Open


1982 Des Moines City Am

1965    Jacobsen Opep

1981 Iowa Match Play