Not sure anyone really cares about this, but in case I totally lose my mind I will be able to read this, and find out who, I am and more importantly, who I was. Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1945 , I had two older Brothers an one Sister, Lee (18 years older), Jim (10 years older) and Nancy (8 years older) watched out for me and taught me how to catch and throw a ball. Pictures below show the family, and they kind of look like we could have been from the Hills of West Virginia. (I am the small fry) 

Grade School was Harrison, then Roosevelt Junior High, and Jefferson High School. In my early years I spent most of my Summers playing baseball and played on the BB team at Roosevelt, as well as Little League. In 8th grade, my closest friend, Bill Meyn took me to play golf, which ultimately became my lifelong career path. In High School I wound up on the golf team, and abandoned baseball. This was not a popular decision with my Dad, as he said he would buy any BB stuff, but I was on my own with golf equipment. No one in my family had ever played golf at that time. To show my all-around athletic talent, I offer some pictorial evidence at the right: 

After graduating from Jefferson High School as a member of the National Honor Society, I went South to the University of Arkansas. The only reason I mentioned the National Honor Society, is that I have spent my entire life trying to hide how really smart I am, and many feel that I have done a pretty good job of it. I played on the Freshman golf team at the U of A, but without a scholarship, I could see that I was fighting an uphill battle. After my Freshman year, I transferred to the State College of Iowa (Northern Iowa). I spent three semesters in Cedar Falls, before transferring to the University of Iowa. I wound up playing my Senior year on the golf team for Iowa, but since there was no redshirting rule in the Big Ten then, I ran out of eligibility and realizing golf was to be my career, I turned Pro and took a job as Second Assistant at Happy Hollow Club in Omaha, Nebraska. After just one season in Omaha, I left to take a First Assistant's position at Sunset Ridge CC in Northbrook, Illinois. I spent four years there and while there won the 1970 Illinois Open and qualified and played in the 1970 US Open at Hazeltine Natl GC in Chaska, Minnesota. I also got to the finals of the PGA Tour Qualifying School.

I then spent one year as an assistant at Ravinia Green in Deerfield, Illinois, before landing my first Head Professional job at the Kankakee Elks CC, in lovely Kankakee, Illinois. I have always said that if the world ever needs an enema, Kankakee is where it is inserted. After one year in Kankakee, I was hired as Head Professional at Midlane CC in Waukegan, Illinois. I spent three years there, but when the club was sold and the new owner chose to hire a friend to replace me, I was now unemployed. I spent an entire year looking for work and will add, that this was a most difficult time in my life. In 1978 I was hired my Dunlop Maxfli, as the Sales Rep in the territory of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. I spent just over two years with Dunlop and when the Iowa territory for Titleist opened, I changed companies. With going to work for the leader in the golf business, it marked the first time in my working career that I stopped looking for a better job. I spent a total of 23 years with Titleist, 12 years in the Iowa territory, 5 years in a Memphis based territory and 6 years as the Sales Automation Trainer for Titleist and Footjoy Worldwide. 
Unfortunately, tough times in the economy and particularly in the golf business led to my position being phased out.

My last years of employment wound up with Tommy Armour. Kirk Peglow, the CEO of Tommy Armour was an old friend of mine. Of course, within two years Tommy Armour was out of business, and I did not have enough friends to continue finding employment, so I retired.

In January of 2016, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and after
6 months of Chemo-therapy and numerous side affects, along with an approximate
100 lbs weight loss, I have now started bicycling.
​ Below, is a picture, in retirement, waiting at the mail box, for my Social Security check.